Thursday, 31 December 2015


Been as its New Years Eve its rather likely that this will be my last post of 2015! 

In a relatively short space of time the blog has had a rather remarkable amount of visitors and looking through the stats I have to say I really am astounded! What I do know is that without the support and interest from fellow professionals on the various social media sites the blog wouldn't have been worth doing; so for that I am extremely grateful.

Moving forwards I have all kinds of plans and ideas for new content. I always wanted the blog to be a place where new and would be DBA's could come and share in other people's knowledge and experience. The Q&A sessions are something that I believe will offer an incredible insight and will really benefit those people new to SQL Server. 

(I have finalised the first draft of questions and will be sending them out some time next week btw) 

Of course, none of that would be possible without the people that are actually doing it, so for those people who have offered their time I sincerely thank you.

Been part of the SQL family is perhaps the biggest factor in why I enjoy life as a DBA. If I had to thank people individually I would still be here typing well into next year but for those people that I have connected with over the past 12 months especially, it has been an absolute pleasure. I have learnt a heck of a lot from all of you and all that is left for me to do (for this year) is wish you an extremely successful 2016.

All the best guys & many thanks.

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