The Q&A Sessions

This is where I get to play host and invite my fellow database professionals for a chat about all things SQL Server. I'll be asking how they started working with SQL Server, what they like working with, what they don't and their views on the future of the platform.

We can all benefit from the wisdom of others and that's one of the great things about these sessions, and the SQL community as a whole; people are always willing to share in their experiences and what they have learnt along the way. It's one of my favourite parts of the blog and I hope you enjoy them too. 

Session #1 with Sergey Smirnov
Session #2 with Kevin Hill
Session #1 with Kenneth Fisher

More sessions are in the pipeline and I really hope that 2017 sees them being a regular feature. For me it's an awesome way to pick the brains of SQL Server professionals and find out what they like about working with SQL, how they enjoy being part of the community and of course offer their tips, advice and general words of wisdom.

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