Thursday, 8 June 2017


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As I have been busy doing all sorts lately thought I would write a quick post on what has been going on!

The consultancy website has had quite a few updates over the last couple of weeks. We've started to send out a few posts on social media to introduce people to the training courses we are running this year which we had a really good response to. So much so that we rather hastily added a frequently asked questions page to provide a bit more information to site visitors.

We've also added a new administration service where we provide regular maintenance and management tasks for a set number of hours per month. This is something we've been actively doing for some clients already and I can see this being an area of focus over the next year. 

Although I am biased I can certainly see the benefit for those organisations that don't have a DBA in place as they can offset their database maintenance for a set duration knowing that they have our expertise without high end day to day costs. It's worked really well for some clients and often is a temporary measure until a permanent DBA is brought in. Very interested to hear views and opinions on this way of working.

So I expect more pages to be added to the website and I'll start doing some regular update posts on here on new services and how the consultancy journey is going etc etc.

I've also posted some new reads on SQL Shack the Apex SQL community website. These posts are focused on using Dynamic Management Objects to monitor SQL Server. I've introduced some T-SQL fundamentals in there so it's a very entry level read and hopefully I will be adding some new articles on the same theme over the next few weeks.

Other than that, it was the rather excellent GroupBy conference last Friday and I caught the presentations by Kody Conior and Alex Yates before getting sidetracked by something or other. For those who have no idea what GroupBy is (and that won't be many, if anyone at all), it's essentially a free online conference where you get very awesome presentations by experts on a wide variety of subjects, all for nothing.

This is a GREAT idea and I use it to listen to presentations on subjects that might not fall into the traditional type of activity that I am used to working with but I feel I need to raise my own awareness of. So for example, if you're a DBA you might want to catch up on some development related presentations or vice versa. Without mentioning the rise of DevOps and the modernised platform (yardy yardy yardy) and how all of these areas are actually very useful its a great opportunity to spend some time in non-familiar areas without the cost of a conference, not to mention you don't have to leave the house!

So that is all for now, by all means drop me a line on anything SQL related, if you have any feedback on the website or anything else for that matter!

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