Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Q&A Follow Up

Now that I'm giving the company website a bit of a breather I've had a bit of chance to start blogging over here again. Earlier I put up a post for this months T-SQL Tuesday and now I'm putting up a follow up post to my recent(ish) Q&A session (although I'm considering renaming to a simple conversation) with Kenneth Fisher.

I loved having the opportunity to pick Kenneth's brains on all manner of things and really that's what all of these posts are about. An interesting aspect for me are the questions that go into a persons experience; how they started out, what they enjoy, what they dislike and what they feel about the SQL community.

On the latter part, community, here's Kenneth's response when I asked him to give one piece of advice to an aspiring database professional:

Hmm, only one?  Enjoy the community.  Don't just join, don't just go to meetings, SQL Saturdays, etc. Don't just hang out on twitter.  Enjoy it. Have fun with people who have the same job you do.  You'll be amazed how much it will improve your professional satisfaction. It may not help with your current job, but it will improve how you view your career as a whole.


This sums up an awful lot about working with SQL Server. During the post we went back and forth covering lots of types of questions but reading it back it did jump out to me that the recurring theme was community. Therefore I can't really summarise what I personally got from the post any more than Kenneth's answer above.

So if you do give it a read, and without bias I really recommend you do because it was such an enjoyable experience chatting, well emailing, with Kenneth and there's some seriously great insights into many areas of working with SQL that featured but if you want a quick lesson into getting the most from being a database professional you cant get any better advice that this.

Once again, thanks to Kenneth for answering my emails, always being on hand and my apologies for ditching the multi colour text theme! 

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