Thursday, 8 December 2016

SQL Server vNext CTP1

My last post was about the new adaptive query processing family of features coming to SQL Server. It’s first introduction is the Memory Grant Feedback functionality now added to our execution plans…all good stuff I promise you.

You can enable this functionality now if you have the CTP1 ofSQL Server vNext. You read that right, this new technology is there for you to play with right now over at the evaluation centre!

That isn’t all there is to it either; amongst other things you can now scale out Integration Services meaning you can execute packages over multiple machines using a master/worker(s) scenario. I really like this having been in situations previously where this kind of functionality would have been really useful!

SQL Server is changing (would evolving be OTT?) and getting on your hands on the CTP (and its future editions) is a must. Personally, I'm getting other teams involved (we are in DevOps era right?) and getting heads together on how we can use the new technology and take advantage of it. Seriously! It's a really innovative time for SQL Server and personally I don't think there is a better time to be working with the product.

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