Monday, 1 February 2016

Blog Update Feb 2016

I've had some amazing feedback regarding the 6 Mistakes That Developers Make in SQL post that I put up recently. Some interesting points have been made, some arguments have been had and also I've put a lot of thought into how the post was received overall.

One change that I would like to make to the article is to point out that it isn't aimed at seasoned SQL developers but is more so based on people perhaps starting out developing in SQL Server or perhaps thinking about it. However, if you've been developing for some time and are still doing these things, seriously...don't.

In addition I had some comments back how the post wasn't detailed enough. I have to say it was kept fairly high level deliberately with a view of expanding the points raised into posts of their own. So I have been working hard and I will be posting something in the near future about maintaining development environments (and who should do it) and will work through the other points in time.

Finally I owe everyone a huge "THANKS". The stats on this post have seriously exceeded my expectations! I have learnt a stack from writing it and I hope to keep on posting informative and interesting reads through 2016. Many thanks again.

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