Tuesday, 5 January 2016

SQL Bits - Training Day Sessions Booked!

One of my new year resolutions was to finally get to a SQL conference this year. Well, OK I cheated a little bit in that I came up with the resolution after I had booked but hey, it's my resolution so my rules!

So this year I am heading to the SQL Bits conference which is going to be held in Liverpool from the 4th to the 7th of May. 

Now one problem that I have already encountered is the training day sessions. These are full days of training where you are taught by some of the leading experts from the world of SQL, which is fine, well it's fantastic to be honest. Until you have to decide which one to go to.

Seriously, you would think it will be easy. The sessions are split into tracks; DBA, BI, Dev, Azure so perhaps I can just hone in on one of these. Well yes I could, but I still quite fancy all of them.

So after a long time thinking about it I went for the SQL Server Index Formulas: Problems and Solutions session led by Kendra Little. Indexing is a fascinating area that I work with a lot and (like most of us I am sure) I have watched many of Kendra's training videos so getting a full day is going to be awesome!

Day two was equally as difficult. How about T-SQL for the Experienced Practitioner led by Itzik Ben-Gan? The guy who's book on 2005 T-SQL seriously helped me on the way in my career? How about SQL 2016? Well maybe Advanced Accidental Database Design for SQL 2016 by Thomas LaRock and Karen Lopez should get the vote?!?!

In the end I went for the latter. SQL 2016 is going to be huge so getting trained up by these guys, well I cant wait!

So there you go, conference booked, hotel is booked...I think, and now finally I know what I am doing on the first two days! 

Looking forward to it! 

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